Handmade Wooden Vase

Handmade Wooden Vase

Handmade Wooden Vase
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This hand-carved plywood vase adds warm decor to any room. Its design is truly unique, and each vase highlights the patterns created from the layered birch.

Perfect for birthdays, Mother’s Day, or housewarming gifts for your friends, family and loved ones.

Pop one on your bedside table with a single faux bloom or sculpted twigs. Or, purchase a few and create a unique display.

Whilst the vases will look similar to the image, no two are the same. So, you won't receive an identical vase to the one pictured.

Each vase is special... a true one-off!

  • Materials: birch, plywood, wood, wooden
  • Width: 6 centimetres
  • Height: 8 centimetres
  • Depth: 3 centimetres

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