Plywood Desk Organiser

Plywood Desk Organiser

Plywood Desk Organiser
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A truly uniquely shaped Pen / Pencil holder made out of the highest quality Birch Plywood.

These would make a unique gift for anyone, for any occasion who appreciates fine craftsmanship. Each one varies slightly as they are hand-carved revealing a unique pattern created from the layers of the birch plywood, making each item truly unique!

These pen holders will add great style to your new home office table or to your office desk. These holders can also be used to organize your makeup brushes, cutlery in the kitchen or toothbrushes in the bathroom adding a unique style to your home.

Perfect & unique gift idea for Valentine's Day, Mother's / Fathers Day, weddings or a birthday gift for someone special.

  • Materials: plywood, birch plywood, wooden, wood, walnut
  • Width: 9 centimetres
  • Height: 11 centimetres
  • Depth: 9 centimetres

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